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In numerology, nine is the eternal number of immortality and manifestation. Nine represents the successful result of effort and of creation. Being the last digit in a series where its position symbolizes transformation, the number nine announces both the end and the beginning of a journey or cycle.


This little toy has only one purpose; to remind us of our capacity to fly. It is made of copper, a metal that has traditionally symbolized the word in its divine essence.


The red string represents the color of life and of immortality. In addition to being a color that carries healing properties, red denotes harmony and expansion. Red is the color that incites action, represents beauty, all that is impulsive and generous, youth, health, abundance, love and all that is free and victorious. Red is the color of the passion that is born of the deepest desires of the heart.


The wings represent the freedom and the expression of our strongest creative powers. They are also a symbol of our capacity to understand as is illustrated by the saying, “he who understands and is inspired, has wings”. Metaphorically, the act of creating and flying are explicitly connected. Both require a leap of faith. The following quote by Amansha elaborates on this:


I would ask you to release your fears of possibilities that are without screws, nuts and bolts. Possibilities are of wings… feathers. And wings that flurry sometimes lose feathers and those feathers spiral to the ground, but if the wing keeps working its way, destination is reached and every feather dropped is merely a test of learning, reflection and candy for the soul.


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