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These rattles were inspired by the bell and by the seedpods of the Royal Poinciana. The rattles are made of forged brass that enclose two seeds that come from the pair of embraced Royal Poincianas at the entrance of the Fine Arts classroom. The components of the talismans are rich in symbolism.


Brass is a metal that possesses a high degree of resonance and is primarily considered a voice, the voice of a canon or a bell, both of which are powerful. Brass was a sacred metal that was used to make instruments of worship from antiquity to Buddhism and Christianity. This strong metal was the symbol of incorruptibility and immortality as well as unswerving justice.


The bell has been considered an echo of some primordial vibration, the symbol of heavenly voices, princely music and a standard of universal harmony. The bell represents communication between heaven and earth and it is wisdom as opposed to law. The bell is considered a divine protective voice that invokes celebration and awakens the soul.


The seed represents potential and possibilities and the tree represents the connection between the earth and sky and is the symbol life constantly developing and ever rising to the heavens. The Royal Poinciana, native to the East, is called in many countries ‘the tail of the phoenix’ because of the spectacular display of color that it produces when it blossoms after a dry and leafless period, just as the phoenix was born of its own ashes. The mythological phoenix is the symbol of rebirth, immortality and renovation.


The two grooves on each side of the talisman represent the number 11 for this graduation year. In numerology, 11 is considered a master number and its vibratory frequency balances any disorder, restoring universal order in the person. The number 11 possesses the qualities of intuition, patience, honesty, sensitivity, idealism and spirituality. Although it can be condensed to the vibration of the number 2 (1+1), 11 is a master number among other numbers because of its own elevated vibration. 11 is the number of the peacemaker and it represents the light within all of us.


The number 2, represented by the two seeds of the embraced trees, connects us to the unconscious, intuition and dreams. The number 2 is the power of our maternal and feminine principals. It is emotion and sensitivity as well as the duality between the masculine and the feminine and the balance between the two. Its vibration asks us to trust our feelings, intuitions and inspirations. Its desire is emotional harmony and it is a gentle and considerate vibration. Its energies are diplomatic, warm and peaceful. It is the mother that nurtures within us all and it is the soul’s dream calling through the unconscious. The number 11 is the highest vibration of 2.  

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