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This amulet is made of forged brass. Brass is a metal that possesses a high degree of resonance and has been primarily considered a voice, such as the voice of a canon or a bell, both of which are powerful. Brass was a sacred metal that was used to make instruments of worship from antiquity to Buddhism and Christianity. This strong metal was the symbol of incorruptibility and immortality as well as unswerving justice.


The amulet is composed of two octagonal wheels, inspired by the structure of the classrooms of the Chavón School of Design in the La Romana, DR campus. The wheel is a symbol of transformation, changes and action that, just as the number eight, carries a long tradition of symbolic meaning. The Buddhist prayer wheel has eight spokes representing the Noble Eightfold Path, wisdom and all that is complete. For the Chinese, eight represents good luck and totality, for the Jews it represents the number of God and for the Christians, the eight beatitudes. There is an architectural tradition of octagonal structures, like the Chavón classrooms, that dates back to the ancient Greeks and has historically represented regeneration, rebirth and renovation.


The eight borders of the amulet’s pair of wheels equal the sum of 16, the year in which this group of students from Chavón graduate. In numerology, 16 represents totality and perfect completeness. It is the number of perfect measures. 16 resonates with personal willpower, independence, initiative, action and overcoming obstacles.  

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