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These jingle bells are made of forged brass. Brass is a metal that possesses a high degree of resonance and is primarily considered a voice, the voice of a canon or a bell, both of which are powerful. In antiquity brass was considered a sacred metal that was used to make instruments of worship in the major religions from Buddhism to Christianity. This strong metal was the symbol of incorruptibility and immortality as well as unswerving justice.


One side of the amulet has a circle composed of 12 embossed dots representing the graduation year. The circle represents union, community and a power or bond impossible to break. In numerology, 12 is an auspicious and powerful number with vast meanings in our human conscience. The months of the year, the signs of the zodiac, the disciples of Christ, are just a few of the examples of how 12 appears in our reality. It vibrates to the month of December that symbolizes letting go of the old and focusing on the new. The year 2012 is symbolic of the end of a world and the beginning of a new world, the beginning of a new cosmic plan or a new order. 12 is the number that divides and governs space and time in the operation of the cosmos. It is our creative capacity and also the expression of the Divine Mother. Everything that has to do with the arts and especially music is a manifestation of the number 12 on our earthly plane. 12 is the number of manifestation, of fulfillment and of the completed cycle. It is a number that represents freedom, communication and expression and corresponds with plenitude.


Representing the symbolic qualities of the bell, each amulet has its own sound formed by the union of the stone from Chavón and the brass prongs that protect and embrace the stone. The bell has been considered an echo of some primordial vibration, the symbol of heavenly voices, princely music and a standard of universal harmony. The bell represents communication between heaven and earth and it is considered wisdom as opposed to law. The bell is deemed as a divine protective voice that invokes celebration and awakens the soul.


The stones that give voices to the jingle bells were taken from the gravel pathways that connect the classrooms and also the courtyard outside of the Fine Arts classroom that the students have walked every day throughout their two years in Chavón.

Consequently, the stones represent not only the connection with Chavón, but also one’s own path and direction. As an archetype, the stone represents strength, stability and wisdom. The raw stone, that in ancient traditions also represents freedom, preserves it inimitable form representing the uniqueness of each individual. Minerals in general are receptors and transmitters of energy. The feet, just as the hands, are also transmitters of energy. These stones are imbued with the energy of this magical place and are charged with the tenacity of the footsteps of every individual who has walked these paths.   

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