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Since the time of the Romans, the ‘mano poderosa’ talisman continues in popularity. Today it appears in multiple forms and in diverse cultures. Its significance has always been the same; blessings and magical protection.


The wooden plaque of this talisman is made of oak. In many traditions, oak is a sacred tree to which the privileges of the supreme sky-god are attributed because it attracts lightening. The oak represents strength, power, longevity and height in both the spiritual and material sense. It has been the emblem of hospitality and the equivalent of a temple. Primarily, in all ages the oak has been synonymous with wisdom as well as moral, spiritual, and physical strength. Among the Greeks, the Celts and many other cultures, the oak represented the World Axis or Tree. Hercules’ club was made of oak. In the Christian bible, Abraham received the divine revelation in an oak grove. With its strength, dignity, and capacity to attract energy, the oak plays the axial role that channels communication between heaven and earth.


The design of the silver lines is based on the lines on the palm of each student’s hand. Chiromancy is the study of the lines of the hands. These lines are codes for the essence of our personalities, strengths, weaknesses, health, love, challenges, lessons, etc. Some of the major lines that form part of the design for this pendant are the life line, the head line, and the heart line. These serve as guides that reveal tendencies, not necessarily facts. It is important to understand that the lines of the hand can change over time, they are mutable, reflecting the transformative power of our will that ultimately defines our futures.


For thousands of years the hand has been represented as a significant symbol. The hand expresses ideas of action as well as those of power and dominion. Traditionally, the left hand of God has been associated with justice and the right hand with mercy and compassion. In China the right hand corresponds with action and the left with inaction and knowledge.


The laying on of hands expresses the transfer of energy and power. Our hands are receptors and transmitters of energy. Energetically, the left hand receives and the right hand gives. The hand is a symbol of action that differentiates because it puts into action the creations of the mind and manifests its ideas. The word ‘manifest’ means to reveal, show, describe, offer, inform, exteriorize, affirm, communicate and express. It is derived from MANUS; hand in Latin.


The hand is often times compared with the eye – the hand sees. It has been associated with sight and knowledge because both are symbols designed for communication. Hands allow us to display our thoughts in writing. One of the marks of a rational being is to express thoughts in writing, which allows us to talk through the hands, giving permanent form to sounds and gestures.


Undeniably, the hands are primordial elements of the human body. As our basic instrument of touch, our hands reflect and express our deepest feelings and emotions. The lines reveal our genetic make up and our inclinations. Hand analysis affirms the individuality of every human being. The patterns of the lines of the hand are unconditional proof of our individuality. The patterns of every hand are unique. They have never before existed in the world and they will never again exist.


In many traditions the ‘hand of God’ is the symbol of God in the totality of his power and vitality, manifesting the supreme creative act. As those of the Gods, our hands mold and give life to our ideas….creating supremely.


The purpose of this pendant is not to guess or determine the future, nor is it to believe in false powers. We imbue with our own power. Its purpose is to emphasize the importance of the hand’s symbolism along with the fact that we pass through this life possessing unique qualities. These qualities mark us as individuals and with them, we mark the world around us.


By displaying the beauty and uniqueness of the palm lines, this pendant is meant to stimulate one’s personal qualities, abilities and potential as a creator. Ideas are born of our unique and necessary attributes and this pendant serves as a reminder that our thoughts, qualities and actions mold and manifest our lives.

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