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This pendant is a symbol for the ‘third eye’. It is transparent because of the metaphorically ephemeral characteristics it holds. The ‘eye’ within the triangle and the circle is composed of 24 equal segments, one for each of the students of the Fine Arts group of 2007. I took pictures of each student’s eyes and extracted a segment of the iris from those photographs of each member of the group and arranged the segments in the form of a closed circle. The color of each segment corresponds to the astrological sign of each individual. Each pendant has a small dot on the edge of the circle indicating each individual’s segment.


The circle has numerous symbolic meanings, such as primordial union, the sky, cycles, eternity, the infinite, magic, integrity, protection, beginnings and the spark of the divine hidden within the material form. The concentric circles along with the center symbolize the division and multiplication of all things as they expand from the union of the center. They also represent an inner blossoming and the progressive harmonization of the spirit along with aspirations toward a world or higher plane of existence. The circle is omnidirectional; it has neither beginning nor end and thus denotes the absolute and higher powers.  


The equilateral triangle symbolizes the height of the divine, harmony and proportion. Pointing upwards the triangle represents fire, male sexual organs and masculine energy. Pointing downwards it represents water, female sexual organs and feminine energy. This pendant can be hung in either direction to emphasize, represent, attract, balance, remind, etc., the masculine and feminine energies contained within us all. The two triangles overlapping, like the Star of David, represent knowing. The equilateral triangle corresponds with the element of fire. In alchemy it represents fire and the heart. In the Jewish tradition it symbolizes God and the expansion of the manifestation plane.


As the windows to the soul and as transparent organs, the two eyes record what is both outside and inside the body. The design of the iris contains and reveals a current record of the body’s state of health. The two eyes are identified metaphorically with the two luminaries, the sun and the moon. The right eye corresponds with the sun, the active and the future. The left eye corresponds with the moon, the passive and the past. The function of the third eye is to unify the duality of perception and transform it into the present. The third eye is the organ of inner vision and consequently the externalization of the ‘eye of the heart’. The third eye is indicative of a super human state. For a vast number of traditions it is considered the instrument that unifies the First Cause with manifestation. In Masonic tradition the eye symbolizes, on the material plane, the visible Sun, source of Life and Light; on the intermediate or astral plane, the Word, Logos or Creative First Cause; on the spiritual or divine plane, the Great Architect of the Universe.

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