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Inspired by the global epidemic we find ourselves in during the creation of these pieces, I’ve designed this talisman made of forged copper and brass because of their antiviral properties. 


Brass (an alloy of copper and zinc) and copper in particular, are antimicrobial metals that heal and kill bacteria and viruses. They also possess the capacity to self-sterilize. Some dangerous viruses and bacteria can die within minutes of contacting copper. In the case of COVID-19, recent studies have shown it can survive on plastic and stainless steal surfaces for up to three days, while on copper it can only survive for a maximum of four hours due to its antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.


Copper is the oldest known metal to mankind and it has been used for millennia in rituals and products as both a physical and spiritual energy conduit. As an alloy of copper, brass has been considered a sacred metal that was used to make instruments of worship from antiquity to Buddhism and Christianity. This strong metal was the symbol of incorruptibility and immortality as well as unswerving justice.


The copper face of the amulet contains 20 raised points representing the year. In traditional numerology 20 has been associated with resurrection, rebirth and integrity. For the Maya, the sun god who represented human kind or the perfect being, personified the number. Many modern tribal cultures still refer to the number 20 as “man” because of the total of 20 fingers and toes. In Numerology 20 represents a period where patience is necessary, but the application of this patience promises the reward of ones actions. The number 20 represents diplomacy and loyalty toward members of a team and denotes sensibility toward beauty and harmony. 

Each amulet contains a stone that was collected in Chavón | The School of Design in front of the Fine Arts classroom along the paths that the students walk throughout their two years in the school. The stones not only represent the connection with Chavón, but also each individual’s path or direction. As an archetype, the stone represents, strength, stability and wisdom. The raw stone, that in many ancient traditions also symbolizes freedom, preserves its unique natural form representing individuality. Minerals in general are receptors, carriers and transmitters of energy. These stones carry the energy of this special place and are charged with the tenacity of the footsteps of every individual who has walked these paths. 

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